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Is your data locked into a variety of vintage media?

With over 300 years of global hands on experience, spanning 45 years, we possess a consummate knowledge to bring your assets into the embrace of current and future technologies.

Our solutions put you back in charge of your own data.

Inflated storage and access fees slashed, legal obligations fulfilled, the threat of technological obsolescence is removed and security issues assuaged.

Restricted or entire data portfolios accessible on the fly, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Latest …..

Moveout are in partnership with Osokey to run the UK National Data Repository for the Oil and Gas Authority from Summer 2021. The partnership will employ class-leading technologies to support the OGA in becoming a digital leader in cloud-based data access.  Link

Moveout & Sword-Venture have begun a joint project to develop automated methods for providing processing ready seismic from field and metadata stored in the Cloud. The project will last 9 months and has been instigated thanks to funding supplied by the OGTC. Three major UK operating companies are backing the project supplying data and in-kind contributions. Link

Our Services

E&P Data life-cycle expertise
Vintage to Modern

  • Seismic, Navigation, Site Survey and Well data
  • Auditing, rationalisation and  indexing
  • Cleansing, reformatting and standardisation
  • Nav/Seis Merge & QC
  • Scripting and coding
  • Tape transcription and vintage media
  • Vectorisation and digitisation
  • Licensing, legislation, regulation and data governance
  • Physical data storage
  • Cloud solutions and data repository software

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