Media Handling and Transcription

Media Handling and Transcription

Our own unique Metaseis software enables us to tailor remastering solutions to your requirements or data rectification to your specific data challenges.

We have the facilities necessary to be able to read geoscience media of all types, ensuring it is consistent and compliant with industry standards before transcribing it to the media of your choice.


Our unique Transcription+ workflow is designed to optimise the quality of your data and improve its accessibility, thus eliminating your organisation’s data management and distribution bottlenecks.

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NDR reporting

We can help you fulfil your NDR reporting obligations to the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) by efficiently uploading your reportable data, ensuring that it meets the NSTA’s compliance standards.

We can download and deliver data from the NDR directly to you on the media of your choice, quickly and cost-effectively, saving you time and enabling you to get straight to work on your data analysis or processing project.