Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Our data experts have been at the forefront of UK petroleum data management for the last 30 years and are fully acquainted with the highest industry standards and current technology applications.

We can fill competency gaps and advise your organisation on seismic data reporting legislation, standards and formats.

As a service provider to the NSTA supporting the National Data Repository (NDR), Moveout is well placed to advise users on NDR compliance standards and reporting requirements. We can assist your organisation in optimising its regulatory reporting requirements to the NSTA and help you to fulfil those requirements.

Our Metaseis software

The versatility of our Metaseis software means we can design bespoke quality control solutions specifically matched to your project and data requirements.

This provides the reassurance that your project is delivering to the standard you demand and expect. Our data experts have the knowledge and experience to spot data errors and correct inconsistencies and problems, so your data will run smoothly in advanced data processing and machine learning applications.