Recent restructuring within the oil and gas sector has been enormous resulting in the deprivation to the industry of some of its smartest veteran talent.

The present industry downturn has seen data management departments decimated, resulting in the loss of competency within the industry.

Recent mergers and acquisitions have brought about a confused amalgamation of huge data libraries. Data changing hands is often incomplete, duplicated, in the wrong format or otherwise not fit for purpose.

In the UK, new legislation is being written and powers awarded to the OGA to ensure data management is a critical component of industry obligations. The changing regulatory regime will put greater emphasis on data management skills and governance, current PON9 guidelines will be enforced and in some parts superseded by Chapter 3 of the Energy Act.

Moveout has experts who have been at the forefront of UK petroleum data management for the last 30 years. We are fully acquainted with the highest industry standards and current technology applications.

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