The employment of consistent standards across seismic data volumes results in significant time and cost savings during access and subsequent analysis.

Unknown gaps or duplication within field datasets often exist and create issues when reprocessing projects are undertaken. Navigation and essential metadata, such as observer logs, may be stored on all manner of media and not necessarily in the same location as the associated seismic. Moveout can index, sort and merge data as appropriate resulting in a “processing ready” volume, radically reducing data loading times when the next re-processing project is required.

Processed data libraries have often been created by different companies over different periods of time, resulting in inconsistencies in data formats and header specifications. Moveout can quickly and efficiently standardise and normalise your entire post-stack data volumes to current SEG or internal formats, crosscheck positioning, QC data ties and examine velocities and associated metadata for anomalies.

By introducing and employing such standards, end users are able to use the final data corrected by us without wasting significant time resolving data inconsistencies.

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