Moveout provides seismic data transcription, conditioning, quality control and native cloud technology to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Knowledge, equipment and software to bring Seismic to the Cloud.

With over 275 years of global hands on experience, spanning 45 years, we posses a consummate knowledge to bring your assets into the embrace of current and future technologies.

Our solutions put clients back in charge of their own data.

Restricted or entire seismic portfolios accessible anytime, anywhere & on any device.

Inflated storage and access fees slashed, legal obligations fulfilled, the threat of technological obsolescence removed and security issues assuaged.

Untold rewards await in an environment of collaboration and rapid deployment using the technology of the cloud.

Our Services

Seismic on the cloud.

Hitherto unfeasible analysis and innovation can now be achieved using cutting edge cloud technology applications, running on vast amounts of data, using near limitless compute power.

Bespoke processing systems, residing alongside seismic data lakes, can be designed and built at the touch of a button, paid for by the second then just as easily dismantled.

Not got a clear picture of the data you own?