Moveout is a dynamic team of geophysical and navigation experts in seismic acquisition, QC, processing, G&G data management and systems software.

We share over 250 years of industry experience.

Covering all aspects of exploration data management we use our proprietary software Metaseis™ to deliver our services.

Our remastering solution results in the streamlining, cleansing and standardisation of your data media count. Compact and simple enough to store in-house, we put you back in charge of your own data, eliminating inflated extraction fees.

Our cloud based management options enable you to view, access and share your data with partners & colleagues in real time worldwide.

Our Services

Custom in-house remastering solution

Our proprietary remastering solution – Metaseis™ – puts you back in charge of your data.

Redundant data are converted into live assets with tangible value, readily accessible for analysis using the latest technology.

Operators and partners’ legal obligations are fulfilled, storage costs are dramatically reduced, while the threat of technological obsolescence is removed and the risk of data loss is mitigated.

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Not got a clear picture of the data you own?